How To Play Bingo

Get ready to jump into the awesome world of Bingo with our super-duper “How to Play Bingo” video series presented by Rama Gaming House.

Bingo isn’t just any old game – it’s a thrilling adventure you can enjoy all by yourself or with a group of friends. If you’ve ever wanted to master the art of bingo, this video series is the perfect place to start.

Say hello to our bingo manager from Rama Gaming House, as he guides you through every step of the way before you start dabbing those numbers on your bingo cards or machine at our Scarborough and Mississauga locations. We’ll have you rocking those bingo cards like a champ in no time!

So come on in, learn the essentials, and join the bingo party at Rama Gaming House. Big games await, and we can’t wait to share the excitement with you. Let’s go!

Learn The Bingo Patterns

Bingo at Rama Gaming House

✓ Rama Gaming House is a leader in Bingo gaming in the Toronto area, offering additional bonuses and prize tiers to our clientele.

✓ Electronic and traditional paper options are available with bonuses and prize tiers like Double Action and Toonie Pot.

✓ We offer a lot of excitement and even more chances of winning in one affordable evening of fun. OUR HOUSE IS YOUR HOUSE!

Objectives of the Bingo Game

✓ Be the first player to get all of the numbers in the current Bingo pattern.

✓ The caller announces the Bingo pattern at the start of each game, which can be a line, pack of 6, or blackout.

✓ Remember to shout “Bingo” when you finish the pattern to win!

Things You Need to Have to Play Bingo

What do you need to bring to play Bingo at Rama Gaming House?

✓ Cash (ATM machines are available onsite)

✓ Two valid IDs

✓ Your favourite coloured bingo dabber (we sell them at RGH!)

✓ Must be 18+ to enter

Bingo Paper: Face Card and a Strip

✓ Face cards have 24 numbers and a free space, while a strip consists of three stacked face cards vertically.

✓ Bingo papers can be perfect/dab-all or random, with different rules for marking the numbers.

✓ Perfect dab-all is a game style where each number appears only once on your card or strip, so when a number is called, you’ll dab it just once.

✓ In a Random game, you might find the same number once or multiple times on your card, or not at all.

Flashboard and Bingo Balls

✓ Each bingo game has a specific pattern to achieve Bingo which you can always see on your flashboard.

✓ Bingo has 75 balls, with each letter representing a number range shown on the flashboard.

✓ The caller announces each ball, and you mark them off on your bingo sheets using a dabber.

✓ When you get a bingo based on the specified pattern for the game, shout “Bingo”!

✓ The flashboard is posted on the wall and shown on your machine, so you can always see the pattern, the number of called balls, and the balls that have been called for that particular game.

Electronic Bingo Machine

The machines are simple and fun to use:

✓ When you purchase your bingo paper cards and strips you will get a receipt with a Player ID and you will be asked to input a 4-digit password of your own choice.

✓ Electronic Bingo machines allow you to play along with paper cards and automatically track called numbers.

Bingo Patterns and Book Games With Patterns

✓ Every game on the Bingo program has a different pattern to complete.

✓ Bingo patterns are the patterns you need to make to win the game. Patterns can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, or in a special shape (like a letter or symbol).

✓ Bingo patterns are continuously displayed on the flashboard.

✓ A book is a bundle of strips which can be six or fewer and are purchased as part of a package.

✓ Books are bundles of strips, typically six or fewer, obtained as part of a package, and the winning pattern varies from game to game.

✓ Pay attention to each game’s unique pattern to win.

Special Games and Progressive Jackpots

Let’s take a look at the differences between Special Games and Progressive Jackpots…

✓ Special games offer bigger jackpots and can be played electronically or with paper.

✓ Progressive jackpots must be won within a specific number of called balls and the number of calls required for progressive jackpots varies in each special game.

✓ Progressive jackpots can change daily and are listed on the Rama Gaming House website.

Toonie Pot Progressive Game

This is a great game to add on to your package as you don’t need to keep your eye on it to play.

✓ Toonie Pot is a progressive game with a daily increasing prize based on sales percentage.

✓ An Indicator Ball is selected by the caller and called prior to the start of the game.

✓ To win Toonie Pot, the bingo must be called on the next number after the indicator number is called.

✓ Purchase a card and sign the receipt for valid participation.

Double Action Progressive Game

Double Action is a fun and exciting game and one of our most popular specials!

✓ Double Action is a special game with 5 tiers, where players aim to achieve bingo within a designated number of calls to win the $1000 main prize.

✓ The face card has 25 spaces, each with 2 numbers.

✓ Dab a space if either of the 2 numbers is called to create a 2-line pattern.

✓ If there is no winner within the designated number, a consolation prize is awarded.

Paper Payouts vs. Machine Payouts

Now that you are an expert at playing the game, what happens when you YELL Bingo!

✓ When you yell “Bingo!”, the runners will come to you and verify your win with the Caller.

✓ If you have a paper format, the runner will give you the winning amount.

✓ If you win on your electronic machine, the winning amount will be credited to your account.

✓ After the session, you can redeem your money through the player station using your player ID and password.

✓ Remember to keep your receipt!

What Is the Best Time to Be at Rama Gaming House?

Join us for Bingo at either of our two convenient locations Monday-Thursday!

Our Rama Gaming House website is the best place to check for the most up-to-date Bingo dates and times at each location, including regular and simulcast sessions.